Height 5’1”                         HEIDI BURGER                         Hair Medium Brown

Weight 99lbs                           AFTRA / SAG                                 Eyes Blue

                                                917-232-2606    212-564-0984   



Blair Witch 2                                       Print Reporter                           Redeux Productions

America’s Most Wanted                     Hotline Operator                       Fox Television

Cupid And Cate                                   Movie Patron                             Hallmark Hall of Fame

Hannibal                                              Shopper                                    Warner Brothers

Species Two                                       Dinner Guest                            MGM

In the Line of Fire                                Runner                                      Columbia/Tristar

Speed Shatters Life                            Accident Victim                         PSA/National

Snoops                                                MC/Host                                    CBS/Viacom

Opening Ceremonies NYC                 Boy-Singer/Dancer                   ABC/NBC


The West Wing                                   Coordinator/Stunt Driver          Warner Brothers

Legacy                                                Stunt Double                             UPN

First Kid                                               Stunt Double                             Disney

Now And Then                                    Stunt Double                             New Line

Lassie                                                 Stunt Double                             Paramount

Rescue 911                                        Stunt Double                             CBS

The District                                         Stunt Double                             CBS



Spa Lady

Royal Formal And Bridal

Giant Food

IRS Animation Training Series

Half Moon Bay Condominiums

Equity Education Training Video



Star Of Texas                                     Lead Cabaret Singer                Goldstar Cruise Lines

Wizard of Oz                                      Multiple Roles                           NYC Creative Theater

Peter Pan                                            Peter                                         American University

NY Road Runners Review                  Leading Role                            New York Theater

Inside Out Upside Down                     Leading Role                            J.F.Kennedy Center

Peace Child                                        Lead                                          U.S. East Coast Tour

Annie Get Your Gun                            Jessie                                       Green Mountain Guild

Touring Children’s Theater                 Multiple Roles                           Green Mountain Guild

Madame Butterfly                                Servant                                     Oklahoma City University

She Loves Me                                     Amelia                                       Wesleyan University

Carnival                                               Gymnast                                   Georgetown Theater

My Fair Lady                                        Eliza                                          Washington, DC



Stunt Double, Coordinator, Dancer (Jazz, Tap, Modern), Gymnast, Runner, Swimmer, Biker, Skater, Skier, Snowshoe, Climber, Ride and Train Horses, Stunt Driver, White Water Work, Play Guitar, Bilingual – English/Spanish.

Education – BFA Wesleyan University, MPA Oklahoma City University, Voice – Aspen Conservatory.